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Try Outfits in Our Virtual 3D Trial Rooms

See. Try. Buy!

A revolutionary new technology in the world of fashion, brought to you by B77 for the very first time in India.

In our endeavour to provide you with a fabulous fit while shopping online, we have introduced an experimental new technology after many months of testing. Our innovative 3D trial room based on a patented ‘Heat Mapping’ technology, allows you to get a genuine feel of each garment based on your own measurements. Red and Blue colour coding defines the proximity of the fabric to your body, letting you select a size based on the fit you prefer.

In 4 simple steps, get up to a 90% * accurate heatmap of the outfit, further enhanced by our style view** replicating an in-store trial experience.

And of course, you get this genuinely fabulous fit from the comfort of your own home.

* Based on trial data

** Style views are based on approximations and do not currently consider the complexity of individual garments. We advise you to follow our heat mapping and your own judgement on the fit. This software is under development, and we hope to expand and perfect it very soon!


Note: Red on the Heat Map indicates that the garment will feel tight around those sections, Blue indicates a comfort fit, ranges between Orange and Greens represent a fitted feel. ( Right click & hold to view in 3D )